Comparative observation of the changes in serum lipid peroxides influenced by the supplementation of vitamin E in burn patients and healthy controls.


Zhang MJ, Wang QF, Gao LX , Jin H






A microfluorescence analytical method was used to determine the contents of serum lipid peroxides and vitamin E in 35 severely burned patients, among whom 18 had been given vitamin E, and in 113 healthy blood donors. A comparative survey showed that the serum vitamin E decreased most significantly from days 6 to 8 postburn in both groups of burned patients, while the concomitant serum lipid peroxides increased significantly and reached a peak value. In control patients, the serum vitamin E levels were lower and lipid peroxides higher than those of healthy people (P less than 0.05) from days 20 to 22 postburn. At this time in the vitamin E-treated patients, the serum vitamin E levels increased and lipid peroxides decreased to the levels of healthy people (P greater than 0.05). Therefore, appropriate supplementation with vitamin E in burn patients is necessary.