Modification of the kinetics of healing after iterative exeresis in the rat. Action of a triterpenoid and its derivatives on the duration of healing


Poizot A, Dumez D




C R Acad Sci Hebd Seances Acad Sci D


The authors have studied the action of Titrated Extract of Centella asiatica (TECA) on the duration off healing of iterative wounds in the Rat. After repeated exeresis, the planimetric quantification of the wounds, by episcopic projection, shows that the healing process involves an immediate phase of dilatation followed by another of contraction. A mathematical analysis has permitted determination of times of semi-healing and has shown that these are significantly lengthened after several exeresis in the control group. When administered by oral route, at a 100 mg/kg dosing, TECA shortens significantly this lengthening of time, acting more specifically on the immediate process of healing.