[Changes in clonogenic properties of bone marrow and transplantable mice tumor cells during combined use of cyclophosphane and biological response modifiers of adaptogenic origin].


Udintsev SN, Shakhov VP.




Eksp Onkol


The clonogenic activity of tumors and blood marrow cells has been studied in experiments on CBA, BALB/C and C57B1/6 mice with the Ehrlich adenocarcinoma and Lewis lung carcinosarcoma treated with adaptogenic drugs of Rhodiola Rosea extract, a synthetic analog of Rhodiola phenol derivative, methyluracil and their combinations with cyclophosphamide. The extract and derivative are shown to protect the myelopoietic tissue from the toxic action of cyclophosphamide, retaining or increasing the suppressive effect of the latter towards clonogenic tumors cells. These data can be the reason for using the extract and derivative during the antitumor chemotherapy as biological response modifiers.