No adaptogen response of mice to ginseng and Eleutherococcus infusions.


Lewis WH, Zenger VE, Lynch RG




J Ethnopharmacol


There was no significant difference in mortality, weight gain, liquid consumed, or pathogenesis between mice ingesting four different ginseng infusions for up to 96 days, and control mice drinking distilled water. These results suggest no toxicity or tea selectivity of mice subjected to such regimens. Mice that drank concentrated Siberian ginseng wuchaseng extract with sugar showed significantly more aggressive behavior than those drinking other infusions or distilled water. However, there was no significant difference in stamina or longevity between mice drinking infusions of two preparations of Siberian ginseng, Oriental ginseng, or American ginseng, and control mice when subjected to swimming trials in cold water 38, 46 and 96 days after treatment began. Consequently, ingestion of adaptogenic glycosides did not significantly affect the survival of mice under major environmental stress.