Colonic bacterial flora and serum cholesterol: alterations induced by dietary citrus pectin.


Vargo D, Doyle R, Floch MH




Am J Gastroenterol


The influence of dietary pectin on blood lipids and stool bacterial flora, enzyme activity, and physical properties was investigated. Fifteen grams of citrus pectin were added to the normal diets of 10 subjects. A decrease in serum cholesterol was observed after 2 wk of dietary supplementation, but was not statistically significant after the 3rd wk. Fecal bacterial flora was modified by pectin; anaerobic bacteria increased and aerobic bacteria increased. No change in stool bacterial 7 alpha dehydroxylase or cholesterol dehydrogenase activity was observed. The daily stool output, pH, and water content were not influenced by the addition of pectin to the diet.