Antiexudative and capillaritonic effects of procyanidines isolated from grape seeds (V. Vinifera).


Zafirov D, Bredy-Dobreva G, Litchev V




Acta Physiol Pharmacol Bulg


A purified and enriched fraction, containing procyanidines, was isolated from grape seeds of Bulgarian sorts of Vitis Vinifera. The effects of procyanidines on the local oedema, produced by subplantar injection of carrageenin and dextran in the hind rat paw, were studied. We also tested their effect on the capillary permeability using intravenous injection of Evans blue and local irritation by xylene. Procyanidines at a dose of 2 mg/kg applied orally three times daily for 6 days inhibited the carrageenin-induced hind paw oedema. On the same schedule of administration these compounds inhibited the dextran-induced oedema 4 hours after the development of the process. Procyanidines stabilized the capillary wall and prevented the increase of capillary permeability caused by local cutaneous application of xylene.