[Cerebral insufficiency--treatment with Ginkgo-biloba extract. Time of onset of effect in a double-blind study with 60 inpatients].


Eckmann F




Fortschr Med


Sixty inpatients with cerebral insufficiency and the leading symptom depressive mood, were treated in a double-blind study for 6 weeks with a daily dose of 160 mg Ginkgo biloba extract or placebo. After 2, 4 and 6 weeks, changes in 12 typical symptoms in comparison with the last examination, were evaluated. In the group receiving placebo, small, but progressive improvements were observed. In the Ginkgo-biloba group, the overall number of improvements was significantly larger. After 2 weeks the differences were marked for only a few of the symptoms; after 4 and 6 weeks in contrast, in 11 of the 12 symptoms. The largest number of improvements in the Ginkgo-biloba group was observed between the 2nd and 4th weeks of treatment. In this period, about two-thirds of the patients on Ginkgo-biloba, and about one-fifth of the patients on placebo showed improvements.