Comparative evaluation of the tumor inhibitory and antibacterial activity of solubilized and particulate glucan.


di Luzio NR, Williams DL, McNamee RB, Malshet VG.




Recent Results Cancer Res


A soluble derivative of particulate glucan was prepared and evaluated for its antitumor and antibacterial activity. Intravenous administration of soluble or particulate glucan resulted in significant reduction in the growth of a syngeneic anaplastic mammary carcinoma and melanoma B16 and enhanced survival. Soluble and particulate glucan also significantly enhanced survival of mice infected with Staphylococcus aureus. Hepatosplenomegaly and granuloma formation observed in particulate glucan-treated mice were not observed in the soluble glucan group. It is evident that the soluble glucan initiates significant antitumor and antistaphylococcal activity. The active soluble fraction of particulate glucan may be preferable to particulate glucan in view of inherent facility of parenteral administration.