[Results of a double-blind study on the effectiveness of ERU (extractum radicis Urticae) capsules in conservative treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia]


Vontobel HP, Herzog R, Rutishauser G, Kres H




Urologe A


In 50 patients with prostatic hyperplasia the effect on symptomatology and objective findings of ERU-capsules versus placebo was investigated in a double-blind study over a 9 week treatment period. Admitted to the study were patients in phases I and II who had been referred to the clinic in order to evaluate up the indication for operation. Concerning subjective complaints there was an improvement in dysuric symptoms in both patient groups. The evaluation of the objective parameters showed significant differencies. There was a statistically highly significant (p = 0.0005) decrease of the sex hormone binding globulin in the group of patients treated with ERU as well as a significant improvement of the micturition volume and maximum urinary flow. The improvement of the average flow in the ERU group was not significant. The increase of residual urine volume in both groups seems not to be significant according to the Covariance-analysis and is difficult to interpret. It is assumed, that, up to a certain grade, for a selected group of patients, mainly in the phase of beginning decompensation, length and dosage of therapy were possibly not sufficiently adjusted.