Relationship between glutathione and DL alpha-lipoic acid against cadmium-induced hepatotoxicity.


Sumathi R, Baskaran G, Varalakshmi P.




Jpn J Med Sci Biol


Cadmium, a divalent metal toxicant, preferentially localizes in hepatocytes and causes liver injury. DL alpha-lipoic acid is a dithiol which is effective in rendering protection against cadmium-associated liver damage, by virtue of its two sulfhydryl moieties. Lipoate was administered to cadmium-exposed rats which were either prior administered with buthionine sulfoximine to deplete liver glutathione or not. During lipoate treatment, significant protection was rendered against cadmium toxicity even under glutathione-depleted experimental condition. This highlights the antioxidant property of lipoic acid and its efficacy in mitigating cadmium-associated liver assault even in the absence of glutathione synthesis.