Study of the interaction between policosanol and excipients


Cabrera L, Uribarri E, Laguna A, Sierra R, Mederos D, Gonzalez M, et al




Boll Chim Farm


Policosanol is an active principle, composed by 8 fatty alcohols: 1tetracosanol, 1-hexacosanol, 1-heptacosanol, 1-octacosanol, 1-nonacosanol, 1-triacontanol, 1-dotriacontanol and 1-tetratriacontanol that shows a very stable, well defined and reproducible composition from batch to batch that is analysed using gas chromatography. Continuing the studies of the compatibility among policosanol and different tablet excipients, it was studied if the mixtures of those excipients with policosanol produce chemical interactions between them, the samples were analysed using gas chromatography and was determined if it was affected the content of policosanol in them. When all the samples were analysed, no changes in the policosanol content of the samples were observed, and it was considered that no interactions are produced in any of the mixtures policosanol/excipients under study.