Congestive heart failure in patients with chronic kidney disease and on dialysis


Schreiber BD




Am J Med Sci


CHF is highly prevalent in ESRD and is a leading cause of death in such patients. Hypertension, renal anemia, and comorbid conditions such as coronary artery disease are particularly important risk factors for CHF in ESRD. Dialysis hypotension may be a marker of poor prognosis in such persons. Recent studies suggest that lipid peroxidation and L-carnitine deficiency may contribute to CHF in some patients with ESRD. All forms of renal replacement therapy are capable of ameliorating symptoms of CHF, but their effect on cardiovascular mortality has not been firmly established. Drug therapy, particularly angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and beta-adrenergic receptor blockers, is under-used in patients with ESRD and CHF. Heart/kidney transplantation may be a viable option for some patients with advanced CHF and ESRD.