Clinical evaluation of provitamin B5 drops and gel for postoperative treatment of corneal and conjuctival injuries.


Raczynska K, Iwaszkiewicz-Bilikiewicz B, Stozkowska W, Sadlak-Nowicka J.




Klin Oczna


PURPOSE: Vitamins B group are important ingredients of coenzymes. Provitamin B5 dexpanthenol is necessary in the processes of reconstruction of epithelium, has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. Objective of the study was to determine how the wounds of cornea and/or conjunctiva heal upon the application of D-panthenol/the medicine has been developed in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Gdansk/. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The activity of the medicine was tested in 40 eyes in the test group, a 40 eyes in the control group did not receive D-panthenol. The degree of the objective and subjective symptoms was assessed. RESULTS: The differences between the two groups commenced on the second day following the operation. Better effects were observed in patients receiving D-panthenol. Congestion and oedema of conjunctiva withdrew, the edges of wounds demonstrated smoothness and better adherence. Subjective feelings improved. CONCLUSIONS: 1. Provitamin B5 contained in 5% drops and 5% gel of D-panthenol effectively accelerates the processes of healing the wounds of conjunctiva and cornea.