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Plant Part Used

Roots, Stems (1)

Active Constituents

Alkaloid, Berberine, Fibleucin, Delta(8,9)-decarboxyfibleucin, 6-hydroxyfibraurin, Fibraurin. (2) ,, (3) , (4)


The plant is a woody climber of the family Menispermaceae. It was used as a yellow dye in Malaysia and Brunei. The roots are used medicinally.


No standard marker has been reported. Other standard profiles were documented in the Malaysian Herbal Monograph. (5)


This herb is boiled with other preparations and the decoction is given to mothers after childbirth. It is also used for eye sores, dysentery, and diabetes. Inhalation of smoke from the woody stem is used by the Malays to treat ulcerated noses. (6) This plant has also been reported in treatment of cheat pain in Sabah. (7)

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  1) Safety


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