Gou Ji

Cibotii Rhizoma, Cibotium



Chemical Composition

Pterosin R; Onitin; Onitin-2'-O-(-D-glucoside; Onitin-2'-O-(-D-alloside; Ptaquiloside; Pterosin Z. (1) , (2)


Effects on the cardiac muscle

One-time abdominal injection of Gou Ji solution to mice at the dosage of 20-30g/kg does not significantly affect their myocardial absorption of 86Rb; administering the solution daily for 14 consecutive days, however, increases the myocardial absorption of 86Rb by 54%, indicating that Gou Ji increases mice's myocardial nutrient blood volume, and this effect is cumulative with repeat administration. (3)

Anti-neoplastic effect

Experiments show that administered by abdominal injection, alcohol-based extract of Gou Ji with a 70% concentration can prolong the life of mice inoculated with Aldrin's ascitic carcinoma and S180 ascitic sarcoma, and inhibit deoxycytosine from entering sarcoma cells (with a 98% inhibition rate). (4)


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