Bai Zi Ren

Biota Semen, Biota Seed


Oral usage, decoction 10~15g. 5:1 concentrated extract: 2-3 grams/day.

Chemical Composition

Cedrol; Sitosterol; Diterpenes; Pinusolide; 15, 16-bisnor-l3-oxo-8(17)-labdene-19-oic acid; 15, 16-bisnor-l3-oxo-8(17), 11E-labdadien-19-oic acid; 14, 15, 16-trisnor-8(17)-labdene-l3, 19-dioic acid; 12R, 13RS-dihydroxycommunic acid; Methyl ester. (1) , (2)


Those with loose stool and abundant expectoration use the herb with caution.


Strengthening memory

Administered to mice with damaged basal nuclei of the forebrain, Bai Zi Ren can improve the subjects’ passive avoidance learning capacity. In experiments involving darkness avoidance and table-jumping activities, it is found that the daily administration of an alcohol-based extract of Bai Zi Ren (250mg/kg and 500mg/kg daily for 15 consecutive days) given to mice with basal nuclei damage of forebrain on both sides can ameliorate the subjects’ dysmnesia (impaired memory) and memory loss. (3)


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