New antioxidant found in grapes.




Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry

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Wine has gained attention over the past few years as having benefits other than culinary and social. Compounds found in wine called polyphenols possess antioxidant properties. Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that is found primarily in wine. This chemical has been used in clinical trials involving atherosclerosis and animal studies with cancer. A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry recently identified a new component, called pterostilbene. This new substance was investigated for its potential antioxidative and chemopreventive properties.

The results of this study demonstrated that pterostilbene had the same free radical scavenging activity and antioxidative properties as that of resveratrol. Both chemicals were stronger free radical scavengers than Trolox (a derivative of vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties). In plants, pterostilbene was as successful as resveratrol at restraining electrolyte leakage in herbicide induced oxidative damage. When administered to mouse mammary organ cultures, both compounds inhibited cancer-induced lesions. Although these findings are preliminary, further investigations of the possible antioxidant and chemopreventive properties of pterostilbene are warranted.1


1. Rimando A. Cancer Chemopreventive and Antioxidant Activities of Pterostilbene, a Naturally Occurring Analogue of Resveratrol. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. May 2002 10.1021/jf0116855 S0021-8561(01)01685-5.