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Calophyllum soulattri Burm.f.

Calophyllum soulattri Burm.f.




Calophyllum lancifolium Elmer, Calophyllum zschokkei Elmer, Calophyllum solomonense A.C. Smith, Calophyllum spectabile auct. non Willd.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Bintangor labu, bintangor lanchar, mintak (Peninsular).
Indonesia Sulatri (Sundanese, Java), slatri (Javanese, Java), malang-malang (Bangka).
Philippines Bitanghol-sibat (general), pamintaogon (Samar-Leyte Bisaya), gigabi (Panay     Bisaya).
Thailand Tanghon baiyai (Surat Thani).
Vietnam C[oof]ng tr[aws]ng.

Geographical Distributions

Calophyllum soulattri is distributed in Vietnam, Cambodia, the Andaman Islands, Thailand, throughout Malesia towards the Solomon Islands and northern Australia.


Calophyllum soulattri is a small to medium-sized tree that can reach up to 30 m tall while its bole measures up to 70 cm in diametre. It is rarely buttressed while spurs or sometimes knee roots are present. The twigs are 4-20 mm long and usually 4-angled while the conical bud is terminal.

The leaves are ovate to elliptical or suboblong, measuring (3.5-)6.5-29(-36) cm long, usually wedge-shaped at the base, acute or acuminate at apex and with (6-)12-18(-21) veins per 5 mm.

The inflorescences are axillary, usually fan-shaped, branched and (3-)7-21-flowered. The flowers are with 4 purplish-black tepals.

The fruit is spherical, measures 9-16(-22) mm long, and with fairly thick and compact outer layer.

Ecology / Cultivation

Calophyllum soulattri is widespread, but in many places is a rather uncommon tree of fairly small dimensions, growing in lowland or lower montane rainforests or sometimes in swamp forests, up to 1700 m altitude. The wood has a density of 400-700 kg/m3 at 15% moisture content and is not very durable.

Line Drawing / Photograph



  1. Plant Resources of South-East Asia No. 5(1): Timber trees: Major commercial timbers.

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