Medicinal Plants of the Sudan Part III Medicinal Plants of the White Nile Province


Gamal E. B. El Ghazali
Mahgoub S. El Tohami
Awatif A. B. El Egami


National Centre for Research, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Research Institute, Khartoum


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Medicinal plants


This is the III of the "Atlas of Medicinal Plants of Sudan"; a project fostered by the "Medicinal Aromatic Plants Research Institute " and financed by the "National Centre for Research" Khartoum, Sudan (project NO 4/N/1). It is a continuation of a series of volumes designed to probe, document and build up a bank of information on the medicinal plants of the different parts of Sudan. This part (part III) is devoted to the "Medicinal Plants of the White Nile Provinces", and will follow more or less the same pattern as the previous two parts with few modifications. We hope that at the end of the project, all the published parts will encompass the "Atlas of the Medicinal Plants of the Sudan". Attempts to revise the already studied areas will be incorporated in the Atlas to update it.