Medicinal Plants of the Sudan Part IV Medicinal Plants of Nothern Kordofan


Gamal E. B. El Ghazali, Mahgoub S. El Tohami, Awatif A. B. El Egami, Wai'l Sadiq Abdalla, M. Galal Mohammed


National Centre for Research, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Research Institute, Khartoum


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Medicinal plants


Part I covered the "Medicinal Plants of Erkowit", in North-eastern Sudan, Part II covered the "Medicinal plants of the Eastern Nuba Mountains", whereas Part III covered the "Medicinal Plants of the White Nile Provinces". The present part (Part IV); deals with the "Medicinal Plants of Nothern Kordofan Region", and is a continuation of the same series and will follow more or less the same pattern. As in the previous parts, great emphasis has been given to the updating of Latin names (and their synonyms), and the construction of line illustrations of all the species studied to assure the authenticity of the material being used by local herbalists. In the present part, special attention was given to the citation of all encountered vernacular names (including common names) of each species in an attempt to help in their recognition in different areas.