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Heritiera littoralis Aiton

Heritiera littoralis Aiton




Heritiera minor (Gaertner) Lamk.

Vernacular Names


Dungun (General), dungut laut (Sabah).

English Looking-glass tree.
Indonesia Dungon (General), dungun kecil (Kalimantan).

Khai khwai (Krabi), duhun (Trang), ngonkai-thale (Central, Surat Thani).

Philippines Dungon-late (Pilipino).
Burma Pinle-kanazo.
Cambodia Khleay.
Vietnam C[aa]y cui, cui bien.
Brunei Itik-itikan.

Geographical Distributions

Heritiera littoralis is found in Eastern Africa, southern Asia from India to southern China and to tropical Australia, Hawaii and New Caledonia; throughout Malesia.


Heritiera littoralis is a medium-sized evergreen tree that can reach up to 25 m tall but usually much less, usually with twisted and stunted bole measuring up to 40(-60) cm in diametre. The buttresses are thin, wavy and extending far out.

The leaves are simple, silvery scaly beneath, with petioles 0.5-1(-2) cm long and stout. The panicles are lax and measuring up to 18 cm long.

The ellipsoid fruit is with a rudder-like ridge, hairless and glossy.

Ecology / Cultivation

Heritiera littoralis grows in the inland zone of mangrove swamps, and it is common in many places. The wood often smells like leather. The density of the wood is 830-1040 kg/m3 at 15% moisture content.

Line Drawing / Photograph



  1. Plant Resources of South-East Asia No.5(1): Timber trees: Major commercial timbers.

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