Ficus deltoidea Jack


Ficus deltoidea Jack




Ficus diversifolia Blume, Ficus lutescens Desf., Ficus motleyana Miq.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Ara burong, ara jelateh, ara tanah (Peninsular).
English Rusty-leaved bush fig, mistletoe fig.
Indonesia Tabat barito (General).

Geographical Distributions

Ficus deltoidea is distributed in Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Philippines (Palawan) and Sulawesi introduced in Indo-China, India and Pakistan.


Ficus deltoidea is an evergreen epiphyte or small shrub, up to 2 m tall. The leaves are obovate to elliptical or obdeltoid, with a size of 2.5-8 cm x 1.3-7.5 cm. Leaf base is broadly wedge-shaped, blunt to truncate or widely notched apex, rarely pointed, entire margin, white-spotted above, rusty or yellow-olive underneath, the midrib is sometimes forked and stipules are 8-12 mm long.

The figs (fruits) are axillary, solitary or paired, spherical to oblong, 5-10 mm in diametre and they are ripening to orange or red.

The male flowers are dispersed, with 2-3 free tepals and 2 stamens while the female flowers are sessile to subsessile and with 3-4 tepals.

Ecology / Cultivation

It is common in lowlands and mountains, up to 3200 m altitude, generally occurring as an epiphyte, but as a terrestrial bush on sandy shores and mountain tops and bogs.

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