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Shorea leprosula Miq.

Shorea leprosula Miq.




Hopea maranti Miq., Shorea maranti (Miq.) Burck.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Meranti tembaga (General), meranti pusuh (Sarawak), seraya tembaga (Sabah).

Meranti tembaga (General), kontoi bayor (West Kalimantan), lempong kumbang (East Kalimantan).

Thailand Saya-daeng, ta yom (Thai, Peninsular).
Brunei Meranti tembaga.

Geographical Distributions

Shorea leprosula is found in Peninsular Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.


This is a large to very large tree that can reach up to 60 m tall. Its bole is branchless for up to 35 m and measuring up to 175 cm in diametre while the buttresses are up to 2 m high.

The leaves are elliptical to ovate, measuring 8-14 cm x 3.5-5.5 cm and with 12-15 pairs of secondary veins. The lower surface is cream hairy and covered with small scales.

There are 15 stamens with nearly spherical anthers, with short appendages and ovoid stylopodium. The larger fruit sepal lobes measure up to 10 cm x 2 cm.

Ecology / Cultivation

Shorea leprosula is common on well-drained or swampy sites in clay soils below 700 m altitude. The density of the wood is 300-865 kg/m3 at 15% moisture content.

Line Drawing / Photograph



  1. Plant Resources of South-East Asia No. 5(1): Timber trees: Major commercial timbers.

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