Herbal Treatment in Malay Postnatal Care


Trainer of Malay Traditional Massage
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Herbal Treatment in Malay Postnatal Care


7th INTRACOM – 2nd ICBWI 2009


26th July 2009

Place Held

PWTC, Kuala Lumpur


Traditionally, Malay postnatal mother will be pampered during a certain period called ‘dalam pantang’. The duration varies from 40 to 44 days after delivery. During dalam pantang, the mother will be taken care by a Malay midwifery so called ‘mak bidan’.   The activities include in dalam pantang are sauna (mandi serom), body massage (urutan badan), hot compression (bertungku) and abdominal binding (berbarut). Medicinal herbal is a main component to be used  in mandi serom , bertungku and berbarut. Usually an odd numbers (3, 5, 7, or 9) of leaves from various plants will be boiled in water for mandi serom session. Leaves that usually used are Lempoyang, Sireh (piper ), Kaduk, Merungai /Kelo, Telinga Rusa, Kacip Fatimah, Cekur, Inai and Serai Wangi. From a decade, body massage was practice on the second day of delivery. In Malay belief, massage can help to accelerate blood flow and give warm condition to the postnatal mother. To ensure the condition, the massage oil must be added with a condiment such as ginger to give warm feeling. Finished product that bring the similar effect is Minyak Kayu Putih. For the hot compression session, a river stone or herbal ball can be used. The warm stone will be covered by some leaves and also mixed of condiment such as  halia (ginger), halba and jintan hitam will be used as a paste. The area usually covered during bertungku session are  the abdominal, upper thigh, back and sole. The procedure done because it will helps in reduce after pain and accelerate blood flow.
The final stage in Malay Postnatal Care is abdominal binding (berbarut). Combination of lemon (limau nipis), turmeric (kunyit) and kapor or daun sireh, jintan hitam and turmeric as a paste  used for spread on abdomen before binding done.


Herbal Treatment, Malay Postnatal care.


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