Indigenous Kenyah Massage






Indigenous Kenyah Massage


7th INTRACOM – 2nd ICBWI 2009


26th July 2009

Place Held

PWTC, Kuala Lumpur


Kenyah Traditional Massage comes from one of the indigenous people of Sarawak, Malaysia in the interior island of Borneo. The skills had been taught from generations to generations by ancestors who acquired the massage skills through dreams, traditional dances and manipulative experiences. There was no record when the Kenyah massage was actually practiced by the indigenous people. The only way to cure sick people were mainly through massages, follow by taking herbs and superstitious belief in the spirits as there was no medical facility in the olden days. The indigenous Kenyah Massage consists of two basic massages called the Pemik ( Relaxation ) and the Pemo ( Therapy Massage ). The Pemik ( Relaxation Massage ) is the technique given to relax the whole body and as a preparation or warming up massage before the Pemo ( Therapy Massage ) is applied. The role of Pemo ( Therapy Massage ) is to cure numerous complications of the body through multiple massage skills. It categorizes into six main components ; i) Pemo Kesalak ( relocation of joints or alignment ), ii) Pemo Wat ( massage of the nerves, tendons, tissue/muscles and lymph ), iii) Pemo Pejek ( rehab sprains ), iv) Pemo Leto or Lale ( specific lady’s massage ), v) Pemo Anak ( child’s massage ) and vi) Pemo Tulang Putun ( alignment of the broken bones ). My presentation will focus on the various basic techniques of Pemo Kesalak ( relocation or alignment of the joints ), the basic theories behind those manipulative techniques and can we know that the process of alignment has taken place. The techniques of Pemo Kesalak covers the i) jaw injuries or lock jaw, ii) neck injuries or dislocation, iii) shoulder injuries or dislocations, iv) wrist injuries or dialocation, v) back injuries or dislocation ( minor and major ), vi) hip injuries or dislocations, vii) knee injuries or dislocations and viii) ankle dislocations.


Indigenous Massage, Kenyah


Workshop W2-D4


Herbal Medicine in Manipulative Therapy