Bioprocess Development using Biofactory-Based & Bioprocess Based Platforms


Hesham A. El Enshasy1,2
1, Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant (CEPP), Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resource Engineering, Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM), 81310, Johor, Malaysia.
2, Bioprocess Development Dept., GEBRI, Mubarak City for Scientific Research, New Burg Al Arab, Alexandria, Egypt.




Bioprocess Development using Biofactory-Based & Bioprocess Based Platforms


7th INTRACOM – 2nd ICBWI 2009


25th July 2009

Place Held

PWTC, Kuala Lumpur


Industrial biotechnology (white biotechnology) is one of the most growing business sectors in the world. It includes the production of different bioactive metabolites for agriculturial, chemical, food and health industries. The biofactories used in biotechnology industries are now beyond the traditional microbial cells which were empolyed for centuries for enzymes and antibiotics production. They include many recombinant form of microorganisms and non-microbial cells such as: insect, mammalian and plant cells. Thus, developing a suitable cultivation strategy for industries is important for evaluating the scalability and the potential profit of the R&D results. This is very crucial to support the decision of the biotechnology investor for R&D projects and for process evaluation during technology transfer process as well. Thus, as step forward to support the biotechnology business sector many research universities and institutes developed R&D and industrial platforms to transfer, implement and develop of new biotechnology products. Thus, a new trend to facilitate this activity was designed to implement different biofactory based and bioprocess based industrial platforms for Research and Technology Development (RTD) and for Research and Business Development (RBD). This was done through the transformation of the traditional structure of R&D facility to industrial core facility to support and incubate the new RTD activities for large companies as well as to support the establishment of new biotech-based SME. This presentation will gives more details on the different models for technology development in biofactory based and bioprocess based platforms structure taking CEPP as an example for incubating RTD activities for large and medium enterprises.


Bioprocess, Biobusiness


Symposium 5B (ICBWI)


Bioprocess, Biofactory & Biobusiness