Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Piper Porphyrophylum N.E.BR.


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Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Piper Porphyrophylum N.E.BR.


Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Seminar (MAPS 2008)


21st October - 22nd October 2008

Place Held

The Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Anti-inflammatory activity of crude extracts and isolated compounds of Piper prophyrophyllum N.E Br.. (Piperaceae) were confirmed with tetradecanoylphorbol acetate (TPA)-induced mouse ear oedema model and in vitro quantitative lipoxegenase inhibition assay. Nine compounds consisting of seven flavonoids, a flavanone and a lignin had been characterized from hexane and ethyl acetate extracts. The hexane extract showed significant activity, but none of the isolated compounds showed significant anti-inflammatory activity in the TPA-induced mouse ear oedema model. Meanwhile, only the hexane extract and compound, 4',5-dihydroxy-3',7-dimethoxyflavone, exhibited significant inhibitory activity against in vitro quantitative lipoxygenase inhibition assay.


Piper prophyrophyllum; Piperaceae; flavones; lignin; anti-inflammatory activity


Plenary: Session 3


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