Priority Market Regions

The above two regions (i. ASEAN, Africa and the Middle East ii. EU countries) are the most promising markets for Malaysian exports in herbs and spices.  However, there are other regions which   should also be considered in enhancing growth of business through wider trade connections, such as the US, Australia and New Zealand as well as South America. From year 2000 to 2004, imports of herbs and spices by North America have increased from 214,406 metric tons to 275,509 metric tons while for South America the increase was from 29,506 metric tons to 49,808 metric tons. South Africa imported 12,556 metric tons in 2000 and 18,960 metric tons in 2004. For Australia, the range of imports was from 7,655 to 10,004 metric tons during the same period. These increases indicated that   taste preferences of the population of these countries are changing. Trade with these countries be should be developed further with the growing demand for herbs and spices. Malaysia should look beyond its local markets and seek new trading avenues for import and export of its raw materials and aromatic plants.