Saffron - Price Values by Year from 2000 to 2007

2.3.14       Saffron   -   Price Values by Year from 2000 to 2007      Product Specifications

Scientific name:

Crocus sativus L.        

Plant part used:

Stigma of flowers

HS Code:


SITC Code:

075281000 Analysis

Saffron products are imported in limited quantities and are used as spices by the food industries. Total value of imports of this product fluctuated during the observed period ranging from RM 391,684 in the year 2000 to RM 768,908 in the year 2007. The highest import value was recorded in year 2004 amounting to RM 828,441. The unit price per kg ranged from RM155.58 to RM1,107.81.


Table 17: Summary of import values and quantities



Figure 28: Malaysia’s import 2000 – 2007 for Saffron



Figure 29: Imported Saffron price trend 2000 – 2007