Imports by Malaysia: World Trade in Herbal Raw Materials and Aromatic Plants

Countries of Origin


Figure 196: Total World Import to Malaysia

Malaysia Imports of herbal raw materials and aromatic plants by comes from various producing countries around the world. These countries of origin can be grouped into 4 regions namely Asia, Europe and Oceania, Africa and the Americas. Each region comprised of several countries, importing specific varieties of plants and products. Such products are utilized for various applications such as for cosmetics, perfumery, pharmaceuticals and culinary additives. Once these products reach Malaysia, they are either used wholly by the manufacturing industries and the retail traders or partly being exported to other countries where the raw materials are mainly consumed in restaurants and domestic households.

Looking at the pie chart, during the observed years, Asia was the major supplier of herbal materials and aromatic plants for Malaysia at 1,125.56 million kg followed by Europe and Oceania with a quantity of 42.5 million kg. The other regions contributed smaller amounts of the raw materials with Africa supplying 14.82 million kg and the Americas with10.38 million kg.

Each region is further sub-divided into sub-regions:

5.1.1  Asian Region

5.1.2  European Region

5.1.3  African Region

5.1.4  The Americas Region

5.1.5  Oceania Region