Resinoids - Price Value by Year from 2000 to 2007

2.3.50 Resinoids - Price Value by Year from 2000 to 2007 Product Specifications


Scientific name:

Pinus kesiya

Common name:

Pinus kesiya

Plant part used:

Resin exudates from stems

HS Code:


SITC Code:

551330000 Analysis 

Quantities of the raw materials were purchased in moderate amounts in each observed year. Variations in import quantities were very conspicuous and that demands fluctuated   every year from 150 kg to 13,780 kg. This is also reflected in the total values of imports of the product for the different years which stretched from RM7, 366 to RM218,505. The maximum cost per kg of product was at RM374.27 in year 2006.


Table 53: Summary of import values and quantities



Figure 100: Malaysia’s import 2000 – 2007 for Resinoids



Figure 101: Imported Resinoids price trend 2000 – 2007