A Handbook of Home Remedies in Homeopathy


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Central Council for Research in Homeopathy.


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First published in 1975
Revised Edition 1986, 1991


Homeopathy, home remedies


This manual  is primarily meant for the use of health workers in their places of work, especially while working in remote places where latest modern type of medical aid not available. It deals only with the treatment of common disease and with the earlier stages of diseases where more expert medical advice or facilities of treatment are not available. Common and well tried homeopathic medicines have been suggested but as detailed indications for the use these medicines cannot be given in a manual like this, only precise indications are given to make their application easy. While it must be emphasized that the practice of Homeopathy entails a detailed knowledge of the Materia Medica, nevertheless many indispositions, first-aid and domestic emergencies can often be tackled homeopathically with successful results, avoiding the use of costly and powerful antibiotics and chemotherapeutics. Doses recommended are so minute that even if repeated at short intervals or administered over prolonged periods, no harm will be done. But, whatever the ailment, it is strongly stressed that if any of these conditions do not readily yield through this treatment within a period of a day or two, then proper professional help of a qualified medical practitioner should be immediately sought. In spite of the limitation, these medicines will prove extremely handy and of timely use in rural areaas, remote places and project sites away from town or city.