Healing Herbs of Malaya


Dr. W. E. Wan Hassan


FELDA (Federal Land Development Authority)


1st Edition




Herbs, Herbal, Healing Herbs, Malaya, medicinal plants, traditional medicine, therapeutic use.


Herbs or medicinal plants have been the principal source of curing man’s ailment. Even today, with the advancement of modern medicine, synthetic drugs and pills, more than 5 billion or 80% of the world’s rural population still depend on herbs and traditional healing methods. The trend is expected to remain for a long time to come as modern pharmaceutical products are expensive and not so easily accessible to the man on the street. In Malaysia, with the launching of the National Herbal Product Blueprint in 2000, the interest in herbs, and herbal products, both in terms of usage and business has grown beyond expectation. Herbs are collected and are grown throughout the country. FELDA, currently has the largest Tongkat Ali plantation in the region. The Malaysian herb industry is now worth more than RM 2.1 billion. This book picturesquely presents 100 species of common herbs in Malaysia. It is intended to introduce to the general public, students and entrepreneurs the untapped plant wealth of the nation.