Advanced TCM Series: History and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Wang Zhenguo, Chen Ping, Xie Peiping


Science Press, IOS Press and Ohmsha Ltd.


1st Edition (Vol.1)




Traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, pharmacology, Chinese history


This book gives a comprehensive account of the original and trailblazing events in the history of TCM world medicine. As for the narration of these events, we have tried to represent the historical account as factually as possible with an emphasis on current identical academic views and the latest achievements in scientific research. These are compared with relevant events in world medical history. Furthermore, we have paid more attention to combining popular and academic tastes to avoid excessive documentation and make the text more readable for the student. This book can be used either for research and study of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) history alone, or as supplementary reading material for acquiring a basic knowledge of TCM and the important works and physicians so as to understand its academic evolution.