Advanced TCM Series: Concepts and Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine


LU Yubin, Liu Chengcai


Science Press, IOS Press and Ohmsha Ltd.


1st Edition (Vol.2)




Traditional Chinese medicine,  medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture, pharmacology, pathogenesis


This book is second volume of Advanced TCM Series, which is designed for those who are studying or practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Unlike, other books on TCM theories published both in and out of China, this book aims at the introduction of the basic concepts and basic theories of TCM by analyzing its formation and the unique methods the ancient Chinese adopted in developing TCM theories. This will help readers tremendously in their study, understanding and mastery of TCM theories. This book is based on the textbook Basic Theory of TCM that is popularly used in China. But the authors have added their own experience in teaching foreign students and specifically placed the emphasis on explanations of the concepts and theories that are most confusing for those students. However, this book, with its specific features is designed to provide more useful knowledge about TCM theories for both practitioners and students. It is hoped that readers will find it easier and more comfortable to learn the concepts and theories of TCM after reading this book.