Advance TCM Series: Chinese Herbs and Compability


Chen Ping and Zheng Guili


Science Press


Volume 4




Herbs, Chinese herbs, medicinal herbal, pharmaceutical, therapeutic, compatible herbs, contraindication, boatnical names


This book consists of two parts: Part one gives a general introduction to herbs, including their taste and nature, tendencies of Lifting, Lowering, Floating and Sinking, toxicity and regularity of administration: Part Two introduces and systematically examines the 336 herbs that are most commonly used in clinical therapy. The herbs are arranged into twenty-three categories, according to their different therapeutic actions. Prior to each category is a general introduction that covers definition, generalization, indication, symptomatology, principles of compability and contradictions for the group of herbs. The basic information for each herb, such as its common, pharmaceutical and botanical names, family, useful parts, taste nature and therapeutic meridian is listed first for convenient reference. The aim of this discussion is to give the reader a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of each herb, thus allowing him or her to better employ herbs in practice. Finally, for each herb, a chart listing compatible herbs, indications and prescriptions is given.