Malaysian Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases


Prof. S.H. Goh, Dr. C.H. Chuah, Dr. J.S.L. Mok and Dr. E. Soepadmo


Pelanduk Publications Sdn. Bhd.


1st Edition




Medicinal plants,  Materia medica, Vegetable, herbs, therapeutic, cardiovascular pharmacology, cardiovascular symptoms-disease-treatment,  chemistry, bioactivities,  ethnopharmacological, ecobotany, Malaysia


The plants in South East Asia are among the richest in species diversity but it is difficult for the researcher to obtain up-to-date information on them. With continued interest in the conservation and finding of appropriate uses for such abundant genetic resources, the present book is but small effort to provide information on the chemistry, bioactivities, ethnopharmacological uses and the ecobotany of a selected group of potentially useful plants for treating or alleviating cardiovascular diseases.  This book describes Malaysian native medicinal plants and their uses for cardiovascular diseases. The authors do not endorse any plant or method of application found in this book as a prescription for the treatment of any particular ailment.