Herbal healing secrets of the orient


Darlena L'Orange


Prentice Hall


1st Edition




Herbs, therapeutic use, encyclopedias, medicine, oriental


This comprehensive handbook of Chinese herbal medicines begins with an introduction to basic Chinese health concepts. L'Orange, an acupuncturist and herbalist, reviews the Five Element System and lists foods and herbs that can help balance these energies. Western medical approaches and research are mentioned when relevant to the discussion of conditions or disharmonies. The author describes in detail the principles of combining herbs into formulas and their preparation. Chapter 3, which constitutes half the book, lists 108 commonly used herbs, giving for each a brief history of use, where it is grown, healing qualities, use in herbal combinations, and herbs with similar actions. L'Orange discusses three dozen common ailments, breaking them down more specifically from a Chinese point of view and giving the reader suggestions for specific individual herbs, Chinese patent remedies, or her preferred classical formulas. Chinese herbal medicine is generally safe, with few side effects; adequate precautions are provided by the author. The book ends with several recipes incorporating healing foods and herbs for each type of general imbalance.