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Neptunia oleracea


Neptunia prostata, Neptunia plena, Mimosa natans, Acacia lacustris, Desmanthus lacustris, Desmantus natans, Mimosa lacustris, Mimosa aquatica, Desmanthus stolonifer [1] [2]

Vernacular Names:


Keman Air, Keman Gajah, Tangki [3] [6]

English Water mimosa

Kemon [6]


Phak Ru Norn, Phak Gra Chet, Pak krachet [3]


Rau Nhut


Ekai Thabi (Manipuri); Lajalu (Hindi); Panilajak (Bengal); Nitti-todda-vaddi; Neeroo tavulupoo, Nidra-yung (Telagu); Sunday-kiray (Tamil) [3]

Sri Lanka

Dija Nidi Kumba

Brazil Caruru d’aqua [1] [2]

General Information


Neptunia oleracea is a member of the Fabacea family. It is a glabrous herb with spongy rhizome and a free-floating hydrophyte. The swallen stems are 1 – 2 cm thick. The pinnae is in 2 or 3 pairs, while the leaflets in 8 – 20 pairs, linear, measuring 6-12 mm long, the petiole without gland, the rachis ending in a slender bristle. The stipules broadly and obliquely cordate, acute, measure 5-7 mm long. The heads ovoid at first, afterwards semiglobose, yellow-white; peduncles measure 6-12 cm long, much longer when in fruit, provided with 2 ovate and acuminate bracts, measuring 4-12 mm long. The heads with numerous yellow, neuter flowers at the base. The perfect flowers are white in colour. The calyx measures 2mm. The petals measures 4 mm. The pod measures 2-2.5 cm lon and 0.8-1 cm wide with flat, mucronate, bent down at a right angle from the measurement of 5-8 mm long stipe. The seeds are 5 – 8. [1] [4]

Plant Part Used

Roots [6]

Chemical Constituents

Dichrostachinic acid; Djenkolic acid.

Traditional Used:

Inflammatory Diseases

The plant is considered a refrigerant and an astringent agent. [5] It is used to treat fever by applying the infusion of the whole plant on the body of the patient. Juice of the stem is dropped into the ear to relieve earaches. The pounded roots is applied over the nose to treat syphilitic ulcers of the nose (resdong) while the decoction is taken to treat syphilis. [6]

Pre-Clinical Data


No documentation


No documentation

Clinical Data

Clinical Trials

No documentation

Adverse Effects in Human:

No documentation

Used in Certain Conditions

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding

No documentation

Age Limitations

Neonates / Adolescents

No documentation


No documentation

Chronic Disease Conditions

No documentation


Interactions with drugs

No documentation

Interactions with Other Herbs / Herbal Constituents

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No documentation

Case Reports

No documentation

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  1)  Botanical Info


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