Harnessing the Tropical Herbal Heritage: Recent Advances in R&D and Commercialization of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack


Emeritus Prof. Dr. Mohd Ismail Tambi
Consultant Clinical Andrologist, Damai Service Hospital, Jalan lpoh, Kuala Lumpur




Harnessing the Tropical Herbal Heritage: Recent Advances in R&D and Commercialization of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack


Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Seminar (MAPS 2010)


3rd August - 4th August (2010)

Place Held

Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM)


Malaysia’s rainforest houses over 1,200 species of plants with medicinal properties of great commercial value. In the dawn of time, traditional medicine had been the mainstay in the treatment of human disease and these are derived from natural products from plant, animal and minerals. In the present time, increasing awareness of the adverse effects caused by synthetic drugs, the rising cost of healthcare and the limitation of mainstream medicine to treat certain diseases have resulted in enormous interest in the natural product based remedies. Malaysia has made a slow stride in the local medicinal and herbal plant industry, which took shape in the 1970s. The industry has since taken a keen interest to take part in the global market for herbal medicine which is projected to reach USD 5 trillion by 2050. As of 2008, the herbal industry in Malaysia is estimated to be worth approximately RM8.8 billion and is expected to grow at 10% per annum. Local institutions adopt integrated approach in related R & D programme which includes application of modem concepts and advanced authentication technologies in the whole spectrum of preparation, processing and related herbal product development. This has added value to some local herbs turning them into high quality herbal and other botanical products to successfully penetrate the international markets. Through this strategy, Eurycoma longifolia Jack or Tongkat Ali from Malaysia has made an impact in the international market and is one of the sought after herbal ingredients. Standardized water-soluble extract of E. Iongifolia has undergone numerous clinical trials and evaluations locally and internationally and has been found to be a beneficial botanical optimizing men health. The standardized extract has been patented as a supplement for men health specifically in enhancing testosterone and improving male fertility of idiopathic causes. The extract has been found to be non-toxic to the body vital functions even at a high dosage of 600 mg. Extended studies on the same extract has proven the herb to be an energizer, an aphrodisiac, an ergogenic botanical which also facilitate muscle fatigue recovery and anti-stress. It is a potent adaptogen as well. Overall effects on the various hormones are also positive. It enhances total testosterone and DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) which also modulates testosterone level, ensuring enough free testosterone for the body’s need. Its other adaptogenic effects include positive effect on body cortisol levels and on growth hormone as it modulates the released of IGF-1. With all these ample scientific and clinical findings, standardized patented water-soluble extract of E. Iongifolia has emerged as a potent botanical supplement in men health and a most sought after herbal ingredient for supplementary product and supplement formulary for men’s health. This Malaysian herbal extract is on the shelves of many pharmacies in the USA, Japan, Middle East and soon in Hong Kong and the Far East. It is envisaged that more Malaysian herb will go through the same path of E. Iongifolia to emplace Malaysia as an important herbal hub of the East.


Eurycoma Iongifolia Jack or Ton gkat All; Standardized water-soluble extract; men health; adaptogen


Keynote lecture


Harnessing the Tropical heritage: Recent Advances in R&D and commercialization