Creating A Value Chain in Producing Medicinal and Aromatic Essential Oils — SBC’s Experience


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Creating A Value Chain in Producing Medicinal and Aromatic Essential Oils — SBC’s Experience


Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Seminar (MAPS 2010)


3rd August - 4th August (2010)

Place Held

Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM)


The Traditional Knowledge Documentation Programme of Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) has established a valuable database of useful plants for medicine, food, antidotes, crafts, ritual, flavouring and fragrances for various ethnic communities in Sarawak. Within this database, medicinal and aromatic plants were further analyzed for prototype healthcare product development. Chemical composition, oil yield and potential properties in the oils collected from the plants were identified. To date, SBC has a total of 109 plants with medicinal and aromatic oils. Based on our preliminary analysis, some of these oils had anti-microbial properties. Thus, SBC has developed prototype healthcare products which have been infused with these essential oils. To ensure continuous supply of essential oil from these medicinal and aromatic plants, SBC has established contract farming with communities and local farmers. Apart from that, SBC has established 2 pilot projects to distil medicinal and aromatic oil at a Bidayuh community in Kampung Kiding (Padawan) and a Lun Bawang community in Long Kerabangan (Lawas), respectively. On-site distillation by the community would add value to the production of essential oils, thus generating additional income to the community through the sales of essential oils to entrepreneur for product development. This paper shares the experience of SBC in documenting medicinal and aromatic essential oils and in creating a value chain towards commercialization for the participating communities under the Traditional Knowledge Documentation Programme.


Traditional knowledge documentation; medicinal and aromatic oils; distillation


Session 1: Invited Lecture 1


Harnessing the Tropical heritage: Recent Advances in R&D and commercialization