Predetermined Heavy Metal Status in Soil for Herbal Planting


Rozita A., Wan Rasidah K., Tumirah K and Mohd. Fakhri I.
Forest Biotechnology Division, Forest Research Institute Malaysia, 52109 Kepong. Selangor
Forest Product Division, Forest Research Institute Malaysia, 52109 Kepong, Selangor
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Predetermined Heavy Metal Status in Soil for Herbal Planting


Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Seminar (MAPS 2010)


5th August - 4th August (2010)

Place Held

Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM)


The use of medicinal plants in both crude and prepared forms has greatly increased in various remedies and health supplements. Plant obtained most of its nutrients inclusive of heavy metals from soil in which they grow. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stressed the control of heavy metals in herbal medicines to assure their safety for public consumption. A study to relate the heavy metals in plants with the heavy metals in soil and other soil properties was conducted on four different soil types. This paper will highlight on the heavy metal levels found in the four soils and predefined the heavy metal status for herbal planting. The metals in soils were extracted using the aqua regia method of analysis. The study indicated that heavy metal levels in the soils were much influenced by the anthropogenic activities and soil types.


Heavy metals; aqua regia; anthropogenic; medicinal plants


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