Abutilon indicum (L.) Sweet


Abutilon indicum (L.) Sweet





Vernacular Names

Malaysia Bunga kisar, kembang lohor (Peninsular).
English Country mallow, moon-flower.
Indonesia Belangan sumpa (Palembang), cemplok (Javanese), kecil (Moluccas).
Philippines Malbas, tabing (Tagalog), dalupang (Bisaya).
Thailand Phong phaang (Eastern), khrop fan see (Central), ma kong khaao (Northern).
Cambodia Dok toc lai.
Laos Houk phao ton.
Vietnam c[oos]i xay, d[awf]ng xay.
French Fausse guimauve.

Geographical Distributions

Abutilon indicum occurs in tropical and warm temperate countries throughout the world. Some varieties are restricted to the Old World.


A. indicum is a very variable undershrub that usually measures up to 1 m tall. The stems, petioles and pedicels are densely covered with downy stellate hairs and without glandular hairs.

The petal is yellow to pale orange in colour and without purple at the centre.

The seed is smooth or covered with tiny scales or minute stellate hairs.

Ecology / Cultivation

A. indicum is very common ruderally around villages and roadsides, along the beach and in secondary bushes, at low altitudes.

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