Acalypha hispida Burm.f.

Acalypha hispida Burm.f.




A. densiflora Blume.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Buntut kuching, ekur kuching.
English Red hot cat-tail, chenille plant.
Indonesia Buntut kuching (Malay, Jakarta), tali anjing (Sundanese), wunga tambang (Javanese).
Thailand Mai prom (Northern), haang krarok daeng (Central), huu plaa chon (Southwestern).
Vietnam tai t[uw][owj]ng xanh, tai t[uw][owj]ng du[oo]i ch[oof]n.

Geographical Distributions

Supposed to have originated in New Guinea, frequently cultivated elsewhere throughout Malesia and other tropical regions.


Acalypha hispida is a shrub measuring up to 3 m tall.

The leaves are ovate in shape, with a size of 9-20 cm x 7-15 cm, broadly wedge-shaped base, narrowly acute or obtuse apex, serrate margin and with measuring 1-5(-10) cm long petiole.

The female inflorescence is pendulous, measures 10-50 cm long, thick and with a dense mat of crimson styles.

Ecology / Cultivation

It is found in a wide range of vegetation types on various soils.

Line Drawing / Photograph



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