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Absorption and Intake of Silicon. Hits: 5803
Acupuncture and Allergies in Children. Hits: 5591
Acupuncture effective for TMD Hits: 5794
Acupuncture helps smokers quit. Hits: 5728
Acupuncture in the treatment of migraines. Hits: 5764
Acupuncture may help in easing of radiation side effects. Hits: 5614
Acupuncture, expectations, and results. Hits: 5630
AD and the intake of Niacin. Hits: 5671
Advances in stroke prevention. Hits: 5740
Affect of lutein and zeaxanthin age-related maculopathy needs further study. Hits: 5706
Age related cognitive decline and vitamin E. Hits: 4846
Air pollution and Risk of Stroke. Hits: 4763
Alcohol and Folic Acid intake in Women. Hits: 4784
Alcohol consumption and risk of dementia. Hits: 4757
Allium and Prostate Cancer Risk. Hits: 4618
Alpha Linolenic Acid in Heart Disease and Prostate Cancer. Hits: 4798
Alpha Lipoic Acid in Diabetic Neuropathy. Hits: 4866
Alternative medicines used by diabetics. Hits: 4707
Alzheimer's disease declines in extreme old age. Hits: 4609
Animal study shows potential application for ALC and LA in memory loss. Hits: 4596
Antioxidant intake and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Hits: 4506
Antioxidant intake and physical capabilities in the elderly. Hits: 4489
Antioxidants and Asthma in Children. Hits: 4793
Antioxidants and the risk of stroke. Hits: 4674
Antioxidants and their role in epilepsy Hits: 5378
Antioxidants in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Hits: 4646
Antioxidants in the progression of cataracts. Hits: 4641
Are blood pressure and cholesterol related to Alzheimer's disease? Hits: 4672
Are people who use complementary therapies dissatisfied with conventional medical care? Hits: 4521
Artichoke leaf may reduce symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Hits: 4554
Aspirin found to have little effect on migraines. Hits: 4528
Asthma in young adults and nutrient intakes of specific foods Hits: 4431
Asthma severity not linked to dietary micronutrients Hits: 4488
B Vitamins and Cognitive Function in Aging Men. Hits: 4442
Behavioral Therapy in the treatment of Insomnia. Hits: 4687
Benefits of exercise decline over time in osteoarthritis sufferers. Hits: 4512
Beta Carotene and Cataracts in Smokers Hits: 4760
Blood pressure levels may be affected by HRT. Hits: 4444
BMD and tea consumption Hits: 4718
Bone loss and calcium intake affected by dietary protein. Hits: 4453
Boswellia may be beneficial in treating Crohn’s disease. Hits: 4773
Breakfast’s potential influence on weight. Hits: 4792
Breast Cancer and Fiber. Hits: 4612
Breastfed Children less likely to become obese. Hits: 4453
Breathing exercises lower blood pressure. Hits: 4611
Butterbar in the frequency of migraine headaches. Hits: 4777
Butterbur in the treatment of Hay Fever. Hits: 4251
Caffeine intake and the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Hits: 4319
Calcium may aid in pregnancy complications. Hits: 4260
Calcium may decrease risk of colon cancer. Hits: 4208
Calcium may not aid in weight loss. Hits: 3549
Calcium supplements and body fat in adolescent girls. Hits: 3237
Calcium, Vitamin D, and Bone Health. Hits: 3377
Calcium, Vitamin D, and Diabetes. Hits: 3437
CAM use among older adults. Hits: 3333
Can antioxidants decrease the effectiveness of certain cholesterol lowering medications? Hits: 3447
Can cranberry-lingonberry juice or a Lactobacillus GG drink prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections? Hits: 4514
Can folate supplementation reduce the incidence of methotrexate toxicity? Hits: 4167
Cancer patients and complementary and alternative medicine. Hits: 3397
Cardiovascular Disease and Chocolate Hits: 3510
Cardiovascular disease risk reduction and diet. Hits: 3508
Carotenoids may increase risk of myocardial infarction. Hits: 3677
Celiac Disease may be associated with an increased risk of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Hits: 3473
Chitosan lowers cholesterol in women. Hits: 3515
Chronic fatigue syndrome and history of abuse. Hits: 3384
Cigarette smoking found to be risk factor in acne. Hits: 3441
CLA shows adverse effects on Type 2 Diabetes Markers. Hits: 3402
Co Q10 shows little promise in Huntington's Disease. Hits: 3708
Coenzyme Q10 may prove useful in macular degeneration Hits: 3569
Coffee and Black Tea Increase Cardiovascular Disease Risk. Hits: 3377
Coffee consumption and Type 2 Diabetes. Hits: 3594
Coffee Intake and Liver Cirrhosis. Hits: 3572
Coffee intake and the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Hits: 3506
Coffee may not be a significant risk for hypertension. Hits: 3521
Cognitive function, aging, and B vitamins. Hits: 3360
Copper levels and Alzheimer's disease. Hits: 3456
CoQ10 may be beneficial in migraines. Hits: 3539
CoQ10 may help lower blood pressure in Type 2 diabetes. Hits: 3599
Coronary heart disease and the potential benefits of dietary fiber. Hits: 3343
Could elimination of coffee consumption decrease certain risk factors for ischemic heart disease? Hits: 3359
CVD and intake of fruits and vegetables. Hits: 3566
Dairy intake and Parkinson’s disease. Hits: 3587
Daytime sleepiness linked to cognitive decline. Hits: 3594
Death Due to Chickenpox Increasing Hits: 3526
Depression and Type 2 Diabetes in Young Adults. Hits: 3394
Devil’s claw may be Beneficial for Osteoarthritis Hits: 3731
DHA and possible effects on the IQ of children. Hits: 3422
DHEA and depression in HIV positive patients. Hits: 3496
DHEA and fat in the elderly. Hits: 3388
DHEA found effective for improving quality of life in HIV Hits: 3470
DHEA Supplementation in Major and Minor Depression. Hits: 4244
Diabetes and Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Hits: 4114
Diarrhea in children and the effects of zinc. Hits: 3637
Diet and Exposure to sunlight in Breast Cancer risk. Hits: 3385
Diet and Gout in Men. Hits: 3834
Diet and ovarian cancer. Hits: 3699
Diet and risk of BPH. Hits: 3530
Dietary fat intake and macular degeneration. Hits: 3436
Dietary fiber reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Hits: 3568
Dietary intake and risk of ovarian cancer. Hits: 3409
Dietary Patterns and Colorectal Cancer in Women. Hits: 3351
Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and CVD in Men. Hits: 3306
Dietary risk factors in type 2 diabetes. Hits: 3338
Do folic acid levels affect rate of miscarriage? Hits: 3373
Do ginseng product labels reflect accurate product purity and potency? Hits: 3443
Does better psychological functioning and social class explain the health benefits of wine? Hits: 3252
Does increased intake of calcium from dairy products increase the risk of prostate cancer? Hits: 3298
Does Iron Deficiency Affect Cognitive Skills? Hits: 3351
Economics of Obesity in Children and Adolescence Hits: 3351
Education level affects risk of Alzheimer's disease. Hits: 3374
Effects of green tea in smokers. Hits: 3372
Effects of selenium in influenza. Hits: 3275
Effects of Valerian and Kava on Stress. Hits: 3310
Endometriosis and Migraine Risk. Hits: 3442
Erectile Dysfunction found to be affected by smoking. Hits: 3310
Erectile Dysfunction often overlooked in Type 2 Diabetes. Hits: 3378
Exercise and blood lipids. Hits: 3411
Exercise and prevention of disability in daily living. Hits: 3373
Exercise associated with lower stroke mortality. Hits: 3409
Exercise may help fibromyalgia sufferers. Hits: 3362
Fats and children with seizure disorders Hits: 3449
Fatty Acid intake and prostate cancer risk. Hits: 3406
Fatty Acid Supplementation in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder. Hits: 3429
Fenofibrate therapy may be complemented by dietary supplements Hits: 3375
Feverfew in the prevention of migraines. Hits: 4020
Fiber and laryngeal cancer. Hits: 3309
Fiber intake and long term weight gain. Hits: 3528
Fish consumption and reported health status. Hits: 3435
Fish intake and cognitive function. Hits: 3366
Fish intake associated with lower CHD risk in women. Hits: 3255
Fish, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Hits: 3602
Folate and risk of childhood leukemia. Hits: 3343
Folate and risk of Stroke. Hits: 3375
Folic acid and stomach cancer in animals. Hits: 3395
Folic Acid and Vitamin B-6 in Heart Disease. Hits: 3311
Folic Acid Fortification and Stroke in the US & Canada. Hits: 3304
Folic acid intake possibly related to depressive symptoms. Hits: 3274
Folic acid reduces homocysteine levels in older adults. Hits: 3362
Folic Acid Supplementation for Blood Pressure in Women. Hits: 3312
Food consumption and risk of UTI’s. Hits: 3619
Frequency of eating and cholesterol. Hits: 3254
Frequent Weight Loss May Affect Immune Function. Hits: 3250
Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Cuts Heart Disease Risk. Hits: 3203
Further education needed regarding folic acid and birth defects. Hits: 3294
Garcinia in gastric ulcers. Hits: 4870
Genetic factors in endometriosis. Hits: 3313
Genetic Factors Play Small Role in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Hits: 3247
German study finds Echinacea beneficial in the common cold Hits: 3553
Ginger and postoperative nausea and vomiting. Hits: 3602
Ginger, Vitamin B6 and Nausea in Pregnancy. Hits: 3863
Ginkgo biloba not effective for tinnitus. Hits: 4073
Ginseng and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients. Hits: 3288
GLA, EPA, and DHA mixture decreases LDL cholesterol. Hits: 3397
Glucosamine may impede the progression of osteoarthitis. Hits: 3403
Glutamine may be beneficial following surgery and injury Hits: 3218
Glutamine protects gut against chemotherapy toxicity. Hits: 3766
Glutamine’s role in severe burns Hits: 3568
Gout Risk and Alcohol Intake. Hits: 3707
Grape seed extract and its potential effects of weight management. Hits: 3308
Green Tea and Cognitive Function. Hits: 3458
Green tea extract and the effects on weight in men. Hits: 3287
Green tea protective in chronic gastritis and stomach cancer. Hits: 3339
Green Tea, Caffeine, and Risk of Diabetes. Hits: 4169
Green Tea's possible effects on hyperlipidemia. Hits: 3690
Habitual Tea Intake and the Risk of Hypertension. Hits: 3274
Heart Disease linked to bacterial and viral exposure. Hits: 3172
Herb may be of help in allergies. Hits: 3196
Herb/Drug interactions in emergency medical care evaluated Hits: 3268
Herbal Product Use Still in Review. Hits: 3173
Herbal treatment in Otitis Media. Hits: 3218
High intake of zinc may increase risk of prostate cancer Hits: 3261
Hip fractures among postmenopausal women and Vitamin A intake. Hits: 3273
Homocysteine, b vitamins, and the elderly. Hits: 3462
Honey returns as possible wound healing agent. Hits: 3243
How much does a woman's diet affect her risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)? Hits: 3241
Hyperlipidemia and vitamins C&E in children. Hits: 3570
Hypertension and Depression risk factors for heart disease in elderly. Hits: 3743
Hypertension and low-fat dairy intake. Hits: 3174
IBS and Menstruation. Hits: 3394
Ice beneficial in treating gouty arthritis. Hits: 3402
Increase in prevalence of Lyme disease. Hits: 3394
Intake of Dietary Nutrients and Asthma Risk. Hits: 3276
Intake of minerals and Parkinson’s disease. Hits: 3357
Intake of vitamins C and E and risk of Alzheimer's disease. Hits: 3225
Intense Exercise in Postmenopausal Women. Hits: 3255
Iron and folic acid supplement aids in reducing anemia. Hits: 3239
Irregular menstrual cycles linked to type 2 diabetes risk. Hits: 3364
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and hypnotism. Hits: 3296
Is Melatonin a Safe Sleep Aid for Children with DD? Hits: 3246
Kidney Cancer risk increased by obesity. Hits: 3336
L-Carnitine and chemotherapy-induced fatigue. Hits: 4004
L-carnitine found to be complementary therapy for hyperthyroidism Hits: 3657
Lactobacillus for diarrhea in children. Hits: 3345
Lead Exposure and Cataract Risk in Men. Hits: 3253
Leisure activity may lower incidence of Alzheimer's disease. Hits: 3106
Life-long exercise and risk of breast cancer risk. Hits: 3225
Lifetime risk of hypertension. Hits: 3246
Long Term effects of Glucosamine Sulphate on Osteoarthritis Hits: 3217
Low consumption of fish linked to preterm delivery. Hits: 3181
Low HDL levels associated with risk of dementia. Hits: 3571
Low levels of vitamin C associated with stroke risk. Hits: 3181
Low selenium levels linked to prostate cancer. Hits: 3169
Lycopene and CVD in Women. Hits: 3297
Lycopene Intake may be Associated with Reduced Pancreatic Cancer. Hits: 3177
Magnesium and Energy Expenditure in Postmenopausal Women. Hits: 3233
Magnesium and Heart Disease in Men. Hits: 3227
Magnesium in Coronary Heart Disease. Hits: 3292
Magnesium may have a role in treating premature ejaculation. Hits: 5917
Medication and supplement use in the US. Hits: 3192
Mediterranean Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease. Hits: 3729
Melatonin cycle occurs later in older adults. Hits: 3162
Melatonin cycles in Seasonal Affective Disorder. Hits: 3253
Melatonin levels may be associated with asthma symptoms. Hits: 3208
Melatonin Supplementation in Asthmatics. Hits: 3226
Melatonin supplementation in Tardive dyskinesia. Hits: 3179
Memory health benefited by dietary proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Hits: 3233
Methionine and homocysteine levels. Hits: 3452
Migraine and the hypothalamus. Hits: 3261
Migraines Associated with Cardiovascular Risk Factors. Hits: 3162
Milk may reduce the risk for colon cancer. Hits: 3229
Moderate alcohol consumption reduces CHD risk in men with type 2 diabetes. Hits: 3233
Moderate levels of alcohol decrease heart failure risk in older individuals. Hits: 3234
Mortality rate associated with sleep duration and disorders. Hits: 3211
Multivitamins and Heart Attacks. Hits: 3253
Multivitamins in HIV and AIDS. Hits: 3146
Multivitamins in Type 2 Diabetes. Hits: 3401
Music therapy assists burn patients. Hits: 3734
Natural phytosterols in corn oil may help cholesterol levels. Hits: 3173
New antioxidant found in grapes. Hits: 3367
New class of antioxidants found in red beets. Hits: 3336
Novel grape seed extract found beneficial in pancreatitis case studies Hits: 3602
Nut Consumption and Blood Lipids. Hits: 3243
Obesity may increase risk for prostate cancer. Hits: 3211
Obesity takes years off life. Hits: 3290
Obesity trends in young adults. Hits: 3154
Offspring's Risk of Depression. Hits: 3327
Omega 3 fats may benefit those with depression. Hits: 3180
Omega Fatty Acids and Bone Health. Hits: 3297
Omega-3 and peptide supplementation may raise CD4 counts. Hits: 3318
Oolong Tea in the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis. Hits: 3375
Oral antioxidant therapy help marginal dry eye. Hits: 3249
Oral cancer and dietary nutrients. Hits: 3348
Osteoporosis and parathyroid hormone. Hits: 3300
Osteoporosis and Vitamin K. Hits: 3203
Ovarian Cancer and Folic Acid. Hits: 3191
Panax Ginseng and its effect on quality of life. Hits: 3191
Pathogen possibly linked to Crohn’s disease. Hits: 3498
Periodontal Disease and Coronary Heart Disease. Hits: 3206
Phyotestrogens in menopause. Hits: 3143
Physical activity does not necessarily mean worsening of symptoms in fibromyalgia. Hits: 3275
Phytoestrogens may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Hits: 3251
Plant Sterols and Cholesterol Hits: 3370
Plant Sterols used in high cholesterol. Hits: 3362
Policosanol may be effective in treatment of intermittent claudication Hits: 3244
Polyphenols and pancreatic cancer. Hits: 3345
Polyunsaturated Fat intake and its relation to cancers in men. Hits: 3084
Possible Cognitive Effects from Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Hits: 3391
Postmenopausal women and dietary phytoestrogen intake considered low. Hits: 3263
Potential anti-diabetic properties of Panax Ginseng. Hits: 3234
Potential hypolipidemic effect of hawthorn. Hits: 3366
Potential interaction with dietary supplement genistein and breast cancer drugs. Hits: 3238
Potential role of fatty acids in ADHD treatment. Hits: 3363
Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Hits: 3406
Probiotics may aid in antibiotic side effects. Hits: 3225
Prostate cancer and allium vegetable intake. Hits: 3273
Prostate cancer and exposure to pesticides. Hits: 3370
Protection against kidney stones with a low animal protein diet. Hits: 3267
Protective Effects of Vitamin C in CHF Hits: 3249
Psychological Stress in Type 1 Diabetes. Hits: 3390
Quercetin levels in various berries. Hits: 3257
Raspberries may protect against esophageal cancer Hits: 3202
Raynaud's attacks reacts to environmental temperature. Hits: 3166
Red grape juice inhibits iron availability. Hits: 3436
Red Pepper may decrease fat intake. Hits: 3700
Relationship Between Two Fatty Acids and CAD. Hits: 3282
Researchers infer relationship between Alzheimers and vitamin K deficiency. Hits: 3355
Restless Leg Syndrome and status of folate and iron. Hits: 3308
Results of Folic Acid Fortification in Cereal Grains. Hits: 3211
Risk associated with diabetic mothers breast milk. Hits: 3137
Risk of gastric cancer unrelated to green tea consumption Hits: 3598
Risk of stroke greater in morning hours. Hits: 3179
Risk of Varicose Veins. Hits: 3578
Risks outweigh benefits in hormone replacement therapy. Hits: 3304
SAMe in the treatment of depression. Hits: 3367
Saw Palmetto and Benign prostatic hyperplasia. Hits: 3410
Saw Palmetto effective in easing symptoms of UTIs in men. Hits: 3457
Second hand smoke lowers plasma beta-carotene levels in nonsmoking women. Hits: 3198
Selenium in broccoli has cancer-protective effects. Hits: 3403
Serum antioxidant status and high blood pressure. Hits: 3363
Serum B12 levels and bone loss in Older Women. Hits: 3208
Serum vitamin B levels and Dementia. Hits: 3290
Sex and race differences in suicide related to major depression. Hits: 3174
Shiftwork/Rotating Schedules Found to Increase Breast Cancer Risk Hits: 3253
Sleep Disturbances and Risk of Diabetes Hits: 3244
Small study indicates that fibromyalgia pain and weather are not linked. Hits: 3320
Sodium intake and bone health. Hits: 3300
Soy and Breast Cancer in Japanese Women. Hits: 3296
Soy and its effects on cholesterol in men. Hits: 3285
Soy and Postmenopausal Women. Hits: 3479
Soy Intake and Cholesterol. Hits: 3134
Soy Isoflavones and Cholesterol Levels. Hits: 3106
Soy milk may reduce hypertension. Hits: 3476
St. John’s wort and black cohosh may alleviate menopausal symptoms. Hits: 3490
Stress and Acne. Hits: 3861
Stress and Type 2 Diabetes. Hits: 3224
Study shows Ginger effective in treating morning sickness. Hits: 3326
Sugar intake and type 2 diabetes in women. Hits: 3430
Surgery lowers fertility in women with Ulcerative Colitis. Hits: 3339
Sweet White Potato Extract in Type 2 Diabetes. Hits: 3467
Tai Chi Found to Benefit Older Adults Hits: 3311
Taurine, Vitamin C, and Smokers. Hits: 3669
The effects of calcium on blood lipids. Hits: 3463
The effects of high-protein diets on weight loss factors. Hits: 3250
The effects of probiotics. Hits: 3409
The effects of stress on stroke. Hits: 3476
The Efficacy of Chondroitin Sulfate in Osteoarthritis. Hits: 3400
The link between smoking and rheumatoid arthritis in men. Hits: 3344
The risk of low bone mineral density and osteoporosis. Hits: 3204
The role of acupuncture in the treatment of chronic neck pain. Hits: 3196
The role of arginine in chronic stable angina. Hits: 3212
The role of depression in ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Hits: 3205
The role of vitamin K in bone health. Hits: 3322
The use of statin drugs may not cause cataracts. Hits: 3348
Tobacco Smoke and Vitamin C Levels in Children. Hits: 3241
Tomato Products, Lycopene, and Prostate Cancer. Hits: 3234
Treadmills help children with Down Syndrome. Hits: 3215
Use of aspirin prior to stroke investigated. Hits: 3051
Valerian and kava improve stress-induced insomnia. Hits: 3591
Variations in Dietary Iron Status May Alter Growth and Cognitive Development Hits: 3123
Vasectomy and Prostate Cancer Risk. Hits: 3360
Vegan diet may be helpful in rheumatoid arthritis. Hits: 3346
Vertebral fractures in Crohn's disease. Hits: 3377
Vitamin A and Bone Loss. Hits: 3317
Vitamin B<sub>6</sub> may benefit patients with tardive dyskinesia. Hits: 3309
Vitamin B12 and Folate deficiencies tied to Alzheimer's. Hits: 3123
Vitamin B12 and Folate in Hip Fracture After Stroke. Hits: 3352
Vitamin C and Arthritis. Hits: 3650
Vitamin C and Circulation in Smokers. Hits: 3358
Vitamin C and E and Cognitive Function in Women. Hits: 3211
Vitamin C and heart disease among smokers. Hits: 3266
Vitamin C and Inflammation in Cardiovascular Disease. Hits: 3205
Vitamin C and Magnesium may promote healthy lung function. Hits: 3596
Vitamin C and the risk of Preeclampsia. Hits: 3313
Vitamin C deficiency and surgery Hits: 3233
Vitamin C in Type 2 diabetes with hypertension. Hits: 3324
Vitamin D and breast cancer Hits: 3214
Vitamin D and Calcium in PMS. Hits: 3531
Vitamin D depletion associated with low bone density due to burns Hits: 3126
Vitamin D Insufficiency in Canadian Women. Hits: 3283
Vitamin D May Decrease Risk of Type 1 Diabetes. Hits: 3264
Vitamin D Status and CHF. Hits: 3385
Vitamin D status and risks of falls. Hits: 3319
Vitamin D, Calcium, and Colorectal cancer. Hits: 3195
Vitamin D3 supplementation and risk of fractures. Hits: 3360
Vitamin E and Atherosclerosis. Hits: 3364
Vitamin E and Insulin Levels in the Overweight. Hits: 3280
Vitamin E and Parkinson's Disease Hits: 3209
Vitamin E in menstruation. Hits: 4110
Vitamin E Levels in Major Depression. Hits: 3456
Vitamin E may protect against certain cancers. Hits: 3223
Vitamin E may prove useful in chronic hepatitis B. Hits: 3185
Vitamin E Supplementation and Respiratory Infections in the Elderly. Hits: 3114
Weight issues in overweight and nonoverweight adolescents. Hits: 3105
Whole grain oats and hypertension. Hits: 3498
Wine drinkers less likely to catch a cold. Hits: 3273
Wine Intake and Risk of Lung Cancer. Hits: 3230
Woman's risk of heart attack may be reduced by high fiber diet. Hits: 3138
Women with Endometriosis at Higher Risk for Other Diseases. Hits: 3243
Zinc and selenium status in subjects over 90 years of age. Hits: 3245
Zinc and the risk of pneumonia. Hits: 3316
Zinc may affect ADHD medication effectiveness in children. Hits: 3106
Zinc may decrease mortality rate in low weight infants. Hits: 3411