A Study of the Effects of Procyanidol Oligomers on Capillary Resistance in Hypertension and in Certain Nephropathies


Lagrue G




Sem Hop


The effects of procyanidol oligomers on capillary resistance disorders in hypertensive and diabetic patients were studied. The drug was administered in a daily dose of 150 mg. Concordant results were obtained in two investigations as follows: during an open trial in 28 patients, capillary resistance (measured by the technique of Lavollay) rose from 15,4 +/- 1,8 cm Hg to 18,1 +/- 3,2 cm Hg (p less than 0,0005); and during a double blind trial versus placebo (25 patients) capillary resistance rose from 14,6 +/- 0,98 cm Hg to 18 +/- 3,35 cm Hg (p less than 0,005) in the treated group, while no significant variation was observed in the placebo group (15,5 +/- 1,30 cm Hg versus 14,7 +/- 1,3 cm Hg initially). The drug was well tolerated.

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