[Cavinton in the treatment of ischemic cerebral stroke. Clinical and computerized-tomographic evaluation]


Domzal T, Kozlowski P, Zaleska B




Neurol Neurochir Pol


Intravenous Cavinton (ethyl ester of apovincaminic acid) was given to 27 patients with acute ischaemic stroke, while 30 patients were given aminophylline twice daily during 10 days. The results of this treatment was compared on the basis of clinical manifestations and changes in computerized tomograms (CT) before and after the treatment. It was found that Cavinton gave similar results as aminophylline and other vasoactive preparations studied by other authors. In the group of severe strokes better results were observed after Cavinton, –out of 14 patients 2 died and 12 improved. In the aminophylline group 5 out of 10 patients died, and in 2 no improvement was observed. Clinical improvement was not correlated with CT improvement, while a significant correlation was observed between the state of the patient during admission and the size of the focus in CT. Cavinton had a significantly greater effect on the regression of CT changes.

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