NK immunomodulatory function in 27 cancer patients by MGN-3, a modified arabinoxylane from rice bran (Meeting abstract).


Ghoneum M, Namatalla G




Proc Annu Meet Am Assoc Cancer Res


MGN-3 immunomodulatory function was examined in 27 cancer patients. MGN-3 is an arabinoxylane from rice bran that has been enzymatically modified by Hyphomycetes mycelia. The patients had different types of advanced malignancies: 7 patients had breast CA, 7 prostate, 8 multiple myeloma (MM), 3 leukemia and 2 cervical. All patients were under treatment with conventional therapy and were also given 3 mg of MGN-3 daily, then NK activity was examined at 2 wk, 3 and 6 months. Activity of NK cells was examined by Cr-release assay using K562 tumor cells as targets, at effector: target ratios from 12:1 – 100:1. Results showed that: (1) Patients had low level of basal NK activity (10.8-40%), (2) treatment with MGN-3 caused a remarkable increase in NK activity at 2 wk. The percentages of induction were as follows: breast CA 154-332%, prostatic 174-385%, leukemia 100-240%, MM 100- 537%, and cervical CA 100-275%, and (3) enhancement of NK activity continue to rise at 3 and 6 months after treatment. We conclude that the high augmentory effect of MGN-3 makes it a promising immunotherapeutic agent for treating cancer. MGN-3 was offered by Daiwa Pharm Co, Ltd Tokyo, Japan.

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