Article 10: Comparison of the Traditional Knowledge of Various Major Ethnics in Malaysia


In the history of mankind, various medical systems has long been in existence including Greek medicine (Greek), Chinese medicine (Acupuncture), Indian medicine (Ayurveda), herbal medicine, Islamic medicine, allopathy, homeopathy, osteopathy and other natural medicines. Every medical system has certain features which display similarities in concepts and methods in each of its branches. The main objective of this article is to discuss and focus on the traditional medicine knowledge of various major ethnics in Malaysia.

Several sections are covered in this paper which are:

  • Definition of Traditional Medication
  • The Potential of Traditional Medicine Research
  • Traditional Medicine Practices among Various Major Ethnics in Malaysia
  • Comparison of Traditional Knowledge Among Various Ethnics in Sabah
  • Conclusion

Special note: This paper is the result of a specific research that was conducted for GlobinMed which include several interviews with related sectors.

in this scope
Traditional Knowledge & Communities​
Research Related to Traditional Knowledge​
Policies and Laws Related to Traditional Knowledge​​