Ethnoentomology – Entertainment

Insects use for entertainment among children

1) Bumblebees

  • Bumblebees that forage within the trumpet-shaped morning glory flowers can easily be trapped by closing the petals, entrapping the bumblebees within
  • feeling threatened, the bees will buzz loudly and this will excite children

2) Horned beetles

  • With bizarre horns on their head, they become good candidates for insect wrestling games for children
  • The males have large horns on the head, females have smaller ones (Figure 1)


 Figure 1: Large male Oryctesrhinocerous

3) Dragonflies

  • A small amount of rubber latex dabbed on at the end of a coconut frond midrib makes an excellent sticky trap to catch dragonflies
  • Once stuck to the latex, the dragonfly will be cleaned using some cooking oil, and a thread is tied to the end of the abdomen
  • Upon being released, the dragonfly will fly and the child will hold on to the other end of a thread and run to follow the dragonflies, like a kite, amidst much commotion and excitement (Figure 2)


Figure 2: A dragonfly on a thread

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